Our Commonwealth gold medal winning bowl, used by Robert Weale. The bias of the Fineline is not too dissimilar to the Professional model. It has slightly less bias and a softer, less pronounced, finsh to the jack. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The video clip below compares the performance of this model to our Advantage, Professional and Jazz models, which are ghosted on the video. Sold in sets of four bowls all engraved with the 'World Bowls date stamp' to enable play in any tournament. The pictures above illustrate the current colour range. Please note: The gripped versionl features our "Forty Dimple Grip" as on the first product image. The individual coloured bowls pictures are to illustate the colour of the bowls only, as the grip on the Fineline differs slightly from the grip in these particular images.

Options available:


FINELINE BOWLS Size 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Black with Grips (Heavy)
Brown with Grips (Heavy)
Spec Green with Grips (Heavy)
Spec Red/Maroon with Grips (Heavy)
Other Colours with Grips (Heavy)
Black Plain (Heavy)
Brown Plain (Heavy)
Spec Green Plain (Heavy)
Spec Red/Maroon Plain (Heavy)
Other Colours Plain Grips (Heavy)

All Bowls with specified emblems or initials are made to order.


Sizes & Weights Guide
Size 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Diameter (mm) 116 118 121 122.5 124 125.5 127
Diameter (inches) 4 9/16 4 11/16 4 3/4 4 13/16 4 7/8 4 15/16 5
Heavy Weight (grams) 1220 1280 1350 1400 1460 1520 1580
Heavy Weight (lbs-ozs) 2-10 1/2 2-13 3/4 2-15 3/4 3-1 1/2 3-3 1/2 3-5 1/4 3-7 1/4

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